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At Northfield Auto Body, Inc, and Twin City Auto Body, Inc. our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has proven itself throughout our 30 years of business. With two Twin Cities locations, one in Northfield and one in Bloomington, MN, we are able to provide our customers throughout the south Metro area with the timely, quality service they demand. As a full-service collision repair facility, we are equipped to handle auto body, glass, unibody, A/C recharges, and refinishing work.

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Insurance Partners

We welcome all insurance carriers from A to Z.  Working with your insurance company after an accident is something you may never have done before because this is your first.

We have been chosen by many insurance carriers as a preferred body shop.  How this benefits you is that we are able to make the repair process seamless so you can get back on the road in no time as if the accident never happened.  We are experienced with all insurance claims and are very knowledgeable to help answer your questions to make this experience as stress free as possible.

Our close relationship with your insurance company allows us to work efficiently and effectively by sending photos, faxing, emailing estimates, just one less thing you don’t have to worry about.  Our tag line states it best:  “When you Crash & Slide, we’ll Fix your Ride”.

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